Neiyanggong – Inner Nourishing Qigong


Neiyanggong ( Inner Nourishing Qigong ) is an important part of the Traditional
Chinese Qi Gong. The Neiyanggong uses, while practicing, a specific way in order to integrate the special breathing method, posture and mindful thinking. Its effect is manifested in the change of the physical condition, the balance of Yin and Yang, in  the regulation of both the internal organs as well as the flow of Qi and blood.
During physical training special attention is on the universal mobility of the spine in all directions and the simultaneous flexible movements of the limbs.
As for the thought process, the focus is on the combination of relaxation and tranquility.
“The mental awareness initiates and accompanies the movement of the body, the body follows the intention.”

The Neiyanggong consists of a series of exercises which serves therapeutic purpose. It is used to prevent diseases and to maintain a healthy body. The system of Neiyanggong is made up of 3 levels, each level consists of quiet and movable exercises.



Liu Gui Zhen 刘贵珍

刘亚非(Liu Yafei)