Li Peng Cheng   李鹏程

    Li Peng Cheng,  graduated from the Hebei Medical College as a doctor of TCM.
He presently works at the National Qigong Training Base of the Hebei Medical Qigong Hospital.

In 2001 he began to study Nei Yang Gong (Inner Nourishing Qigong) ,  a Qigong  practice which descends from the 1650’s. Mr Li studied and continues to practice  under the guidance of Ms.  Liu Ya Fei,  a 7th-generation successor of Nei Yang Gong, Qigong.

Mr. Li also studied Taijiquan being a disciple of   Mr. Feng Yi Jian, whose teacher was the “Zong Shi”, (great master of learning and teaching) of Taiji  Mr. Li Jing Wu,  who was teaching in Beihaihe from 1959 – 1997.

Mr. Li’s field of working as a doctor of TCM includes Acupuncture, Moxibustion and traditional Tui Na massage.  His responsibility,  being a Master of Taiji and Qigong,  includes mainly teaching Traditional Taijiquan and Medical Qigong,  used as a gentle clinical treatment.
Mr. Li teaches:
– Nei Yang Gong Qigong
– Quiescence Qigong
– Five Animal and Eight Brocades  Qigong,
– Yijinjing Qigong and
– Traditional Taijiquan:  Wu Style,  Chen style,  Yang style,  Taiji sword,  Taiji Broadsword.
He participated in a variety of taijiquan competition where he gained outstanding success.

Lisa wong   丽莎黄

 Is a Certified Instructor with the National Hebei Medical Qigong Training Base in Beidaihe, China.  This is the only state sponsored Qigong facility that exists in China.  Having passed its Instructor Examinations in both Nei Yang Gong Qigong and Yang-style T’ai chi ch’uan 24 杨式.

 Lisa went on to become a disciple of Li Peng Cheng and continues her intensive training / studies in Wu style  吴式   &  Chen-style  陈式   Tàijí Quán   太極拳.

Currently, Lisa teaches classes in Tàijí Quán Form 24,  Tàijí Quán Form 42,   Tàijí Quán Form 88 and Nei Yang Gong Qigong.

 Zhang Qing Yun   张青云

 We are very lucky to have teaching from the Heibei Medical Qigong Hospital in Beidaihe, China,   Mr. Zhang Qing Yun.  Mr. Zhang is a teaching  disciple of Madam Liu Yafei (Professor of Medical Qigong and daughter of Li Guizen) and Feng Yijian (Taijiquan Grand Master).  He has dedicated his  life to Taijiquan and his Taiji Family.  Mr. Zhang lives on a daily basis, Learning, Practicing, Competing (he has won many medals), Teaching and promoting the ancient art of Qigong & Taijiquan.